Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I was hooked last nite…end up went to bed @ 3 a.m. Tomorrow then has to go work some more.

The culprit..FLICKR!!! the plan to just open flickr account end up me opening the CS2 book & review most of my photo collection. For quite sometimes, I only concentrate taking photograph. Only recently, after I start blogging, I realize the joy feeling of SHARING & Flickr, I guess is another medium to share my other passion: Photography.

I consider myself novice in photography. Judging from the quality of the pictures in Flickr & other web photo sharing, I guess there’s so much work & effort has to be done to be respected in this community. But that is not my ultimate aim, at least for now (“sign of no confidence ka???”-better than motion of no confidence kan???). My hope is that Flickr will further enlarge my circle of friends.

In my case, my acquaintance mostly seems to be my client, but friend; I notice is only a few. Sadly…they turn to be a banker as well. Perhaps, we, the banker are living in a different time zone..we get to the office a bit late @ 9 & only go back as early @ 6…in time between..stuck in the office!!! Aha..that’s why also you’ll notice that my early photo collection are sunset pictures; the only interesting subject to be photographed by the time we check out from the office..kesian!!!Well…I can feel that this monotonous sunset genre will soon be ended.

…& as my photography portfolio expand, may Flickr bring along new friends & together we all shall make world a better planet to live & work & play &.…wah, terlabih sudah!!!

'Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.’-Elie Wiesel

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Team that Work(ed)

It’s been a while since my last post, to be exact, my first post. It was really a taxing 2 weeks since that “historical post” with job & family matters appearing at all corners…creeping ...& slowly taking my time..MY PRECIOUSSSS TIME!!!(sigh)… For 2 weeks, weekend is felt like a weekday...no Sunday to start your Monday...trap in the 1st quadrant of time in the 7th habits of the highly Defective people...but I guess all this busyness was actually a manifestation of the turbulance of my head, which lately I admit, has been carelessly operating away from the moment of NOW!!

For the past 2 weeks, apart from doing that daily marketing job for my beloved bank and daily purchasing job to my beloved family (aiyayaya!!) , I’ve been assigned to be part of the organizing committee for the launching of our newly rebranding Kota Kinabalu branch. It will be officiated by our CM, so expect a high profile treatment. For a banker who is so terer looking over other people money, don’t expect us to bother on all those protocols. I’ve been assigned to liaise on the media things just because I was caught recently photographing sunset in a regular basis...an evidence of the banker adolescent and creative mind in exercising their discretional power. If I know this function a little bit earlier I might be eating chickadees in a regular basis...so who knows what task I’d landed then.

Looking back, I guess its a bit of a helter skelter preparation with a last minute check & balance. Up to the final day before the function, most of the things didn't look well and as expected (frankly...most of us didn't know what actually to be expected-LOST??!!!), at least not so convincingly for a function that was supposed to be attended by a CM...BUT when we came in that morning...Whallapp!!!!Presto!!!!










...Finally LAUNCHED!!!

All looked well...very well. Things ran smoothly...real smooth. No 2nd take...just camera/action/ROLL!!!All the media invited were there, the tables were full and everything were as planned!!!

In the end.....THE HAPPINESS.

To the TEAM...thanks for all your effort...Together Everyone Achieves More. It is amazing how much we can accomplish when it doesn't matter who gets the credit!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Tomorrow is my 9th anniversary..nice number huh..at least to myself & I believe my wife as well(hope so...). BUT reflecting to myself, I don't really feel....aaaammm (thinkinggg for a mild word...) much 'FEELING" onto it..perhaps not the way as I should feel of. But hey!! how should we do feel anyway???proud, sentimental, melancholic, full of love (again..suddenly!!!).

I guess it'll kind of hard for me to wake up tomorrow and pretending to be having extra love kick in the face while it is supposed to be that way for most of the living soul ...but I don't know "that way"!!!hmmm..when you consciously live each and every day in love and affection, sharing joy and happiness, good times and bad ones, and knowing that whatever things happen you'll becomes stronger and wiser-together, I don't need to wait for anniversary to be full in love-again!!!

So dear Honey..don't feel aaaammm whatever funny feeling that you're than suppose to feel cause your beloved and charming not-so-chubby hubby don't act like he supposed to act on his anniversary day, cause living with you for another 364 days won't be any different from this 1 "supposed-to-be-special" day... I'll always love you and you know it always in a big way.

Love has nothing to do with what we are expected to get, it's what you are expected to give - which is everything.